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For Whom the Nobel Tolls

White House Adds Nobel Committee to Axis of Evil

Citing his remarkable clarity for an economist–and unpredecented happenstance of actually being right–the Nobel Committee awarded Paul Krugman its prize in economics. In announcing his prize, the Nobel Committee spoke of Professor Krugman’s cogent economic analysis: “Whereas other economists would describe George Bush’s counter-intuitive cerebralizational calibrations, Professor Krugman says ‘moron.'”

Krugman’s most recent works are “I Have Never Heard Such Rubbish!” “How Can You Believe This Idiot?”, and “I Told You So, I Told You So.”

Unfortunately, Krugman has proved too correct. Whereas the usual Nobel Prize in Economics amounts to 10 million Kroner, this year hasn’t been so good. If the professor can get to Stockholm–at his own expense–he is welcome to stay at Max von Sydow’s apartment; there is a fold-out couch in the living room. As for the prize, this year it amounts to 1400 Kroner, the deluxe blue-ray DVD of “Fanny and Alexander” (the full length–all 47 hours), one tenth of a Munch painting (his choice), and a monthly delivery of two pounds of lox for the rest of his life.

While flattered by the award, Professor Krugman is not sure that a trip to Stockholm is worth the risk. There is some question whether he would be allowed back in the United States once he left. Press Secretary Dana Perino would only say, “Why would an economist need a beard? What is his real motive?”

  1. Rothgar says:

    Clarity can be such a tough cross to bear.

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