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The Mediocre is the Message

Sarah Palin has just defined herself as “Joe Six Pack.” That might mean that she is a transsexual alcoholic. However, I suspect that she is trying to identify herself as a paragon of simplicity: the homespun, ordinary soul who meets the travails of life with a can of beer. This is her rebuttal to those who criticize her ignorance: the ignorant are entitled to representation, and she is their candidate!

While I would never question her inadequacies, I do wonder about the term “Joe Six Pack.” Do those homespun, ordinary folk really aspire to the image of being alcohol-besotted slobs? Is that how they would publicly identify themselves? No, the term is demeaning and reeks of condescension. In fact, I first heard the term used by another Republican governor: Pierre Du Pont IV. At least, the lord of Delaware wasn’t pretending to be one of the folks. On the contrary, the message of his campaign was:Vote for me or I will fire you.

But Sarah Palin is not threatening the serfs; she is claiming to be one. Yes, Governor Palin can empathize with every hand-to-mouth, hardscrabble soul who also happens to have a monomanical vanity, a ruthless desire for power, and a tyrannical personality.

She is an elitist without the encumbrances of etiquette or education. “Joe Six Pack”? No, Debbie Demagogue.

  1. Brent Hoffmann says:

    Or is Field-Dress Frida really the candidate of the common people, of whom Lincoln observed, “God must love the common people… He made so many of them!” So soon, is the Rapture upon us?

  2. magna says:

    At least admit that she has sexier legs than Joe Biden
    that must count for something,
    Check out the TOONS on the above mentioned Blog

  3. Peggles says:

    Be careful, Eugene. She’s a crack shot, you betcha!

  4. Lee says:

    Well, her field dressing of a moose (choreographed to the 1812 Overture, no less) easily won her the talent portion of the pagent especailly part with the antlers she did blindfolded…wow, just wow. Alas, Joe and his ukelele did not stand a chance.

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