Your RDA of Irony

Nostalgia for the Guillotine

Phil Gramm serves as John McCain’s economic advisor. Gramm earned that confidence by his ability to calculate the 15% tip on a restaurant bill. (This is not to say that Gramm ever left a tip himself; he no doubts tells the waitress, “If you weren’t inferior, I’d be waiting tables for you.”)

Gramm does have a PhD in economics from the Texas Barbers’ and Drivers’ Training. His thesis was “Ten Ways to Cheat a Blind News Vendor: Free Markets and Free Playboys.” The most remarkable feature of the thesis was his use of the word “Jew” as a verb.

And what better way to express our esteem of Phil Gramm than to celebrate Bastille Day.

Here is my tribute to my favorite Revolution. (Let’s face it: Centuries of Bourbon arrogance and incompetence seem much more aggravating than a half-penny tax on tea.)

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