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Alexander the Grate

On this day in 1804 Aaron Burr became the most envied man of his time. Everyone wanted to kill Alexander Hamilton. A bastard by birth and then by choice, Hamilton was a misanthropic megalomaniac. Yes, Hamilton was brilliant–and he would be the first to tell you. If he ever tired of that subject, he’d tell you how inferior you were.

I am surprised that Oliver Stone hasn’t come up with an assassination theory….

Kevin Costner as Benjamin Rush, “In fact, the trajectory of the entrance and exit wounds proves that Hamilton was shot 47 times. The autopsy further indicates that that his breakfast consisted of Dolley Madison donuts loaded with arsenic, cyanide, and rusty nails; however, I am told that was his daily preference….”

  1. LiberalMetsFan says:

    I wonder what Hamilton would think of the subprime mortgage crisis today since (if memory serves me correctly) he was the first big proponent of the First U.S. Central Bank.

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