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There Will Always Be a Britain and Its Favorite Phobia

Associated Press
Jun 3rd, 2008 | LONDON — The British prime minister’s dull-as-dishwater image is getting a revamp from an unlikely source: U.S.-based comic book publisher Marvel.

Gordon Brown, who has been in the political doldrums of late and is often described as buttoned down, is depicted in a heroic light in “Captain Britain and MI13,” a new comic that shows the prime minister helping stave off an attack of evil, green-skinned aliens.

The space invaders, known as the Skrulls, have even managed to penetrate the British Cabinet, impersonating at least three Cabinet ministers, but Brown manages to coordinate the ultimately successful efforts to fight them off.

To trap the Skrulls, Captain Britain left bottles of whiskey and bushels of potatoes in the cabinet room. Then the Captain called a meeting and watched how his ministers reacted.

Secretary of State David Miliband didn’t touch the whiskey, although he had some interesting ideas for marketing it. (Perhaps in Captain Britain’s next adventure, he will deal with those sly, olive-skinned aliens.) Chancellor of the Exchequer Alastair Darling sullenly drank two bottles of the whiskey, complaining about the quality as he imbibed. (He obviously was one of those dour, red-skinned aliens, the Skots.)

Most of the cabinet members responded to the whiskey in a reassuringly British manner; once they were drunk, they played rugby until they threw up. However, three ministers showed a solicitous interest in the potatoes, and, although holding their liquor better than the others, began singing–quite well, too. Yes, Captain Britain had found the Skrulls.

  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    And at the end of the singing, they waxed rhapsodic about “Me sainted Mither” and the rubber masks came right off!

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