Your RDA of Irony

The Candidating Game

The Pennsylvania debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could have been a pilot for a Chuck Barris game show. I only wish that Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos had asked the questions that America really wants to know….

1. As President of the United States, what can you do to help Britney Spears?

2. If Jesus returns, what position in your cabinet would you offer Him?

3. Who is the 12th Cylon, and would you try to kill him or her on this very stage?

4. If you were producing a remake of Bonanza, whom would you cast as the Cartwrights?

5. Each of you take a sheet of paper and in the next two minutes, write down all the James Bonds films that you can remember–and in your order of preference.

6. Why are Jews funny?

7. Finally, would you prefer a tattoo or a body piercing of the American flag, and where on your anatomy would you want it?

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