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Happy Anniversary

Five years ago today, Iraq became wedded to George Bush. Who would have thought that they would last this long? Even the best man Dick Cheney confided that it would be a one-night stand. “Shock, awe, goodbye ya’ll!” We all knew that George Bush intended to seduce the entire Middle East, impregnating freedom everywhere. But, as our Alexia the Great discovered, once you have embraced Iraq you stay embraced.

For the Fifth Anniversary, the customary gift should be wood. If you want to express your admiration for George and Iraq, you might consider one of these appropriate offerings. Gallows always are a popular entertainment in Baghdad; better that than watching Al Jazzera. New doors might be appreciated, too. George seems to have kicked in quite a few during the courtship and honeymoon. Democracy doesn’t knock; it barges in.

But the most welcome gift would be wooden containers, a place to store such mementos as freshly deceased relatives. Balsa wood boxes would suffice. There is no need for them to be bulletproof; after all, the relatives weren’t either.

So, Happy Fifth Anniversary. And John McCain tells me to start shopping for the 100th.

  1. Rene says:

    Not a happy thought for a mom whose son signed up for Jr. ROTC last week.

    This year they actually went to the 8th grade classrooms to recruit. I guess the special assembly wasn’t enough.

  2. Alan says:


    I will be commenting on this atrocity of a war in my blog.

    For now: “War is the health of the state.”


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