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Algebra and Al Qaeda

Reacting to the evidence of economic chaos–$4-a-gallon gasoline, $1000-an-ounce gold and $3000-an-hour hookers–President Bush is blaming the use of Arabic numbers. “What was the price of gasoline when people was using Roman numerals? We didn’t have these problems then. Nope, them Arab digits have made price-raising too easy. Condi noticed that inflation and intifada sure sound alike.

“So, in the name of national and economic protection, I am placing Social Security under the Department of Homeland Security. All them securities belong together anyway. In our war with Arab numeral terrorism, I am ordering that phone numbers now be in Morse code. Let me reassure the public that our schools are safe; they haven’t been teaching math in years. Of course, your tax forms will have to be done in that Roman ciphering, but you can blame the Democrats for even having taxes.”

To ensure efficient compliance with the Latinate tax requirements, H. & R. Block will be hiring Jesuits.

  1. Peggles says:

    It is indisputable that algebra and Al-Qaeda begin with the same two letters!

  2. Algebra is indisputably Arab, the Moors’ idea of fun.

    Geometry is Greek. So it is not a front for terrorism but we have to wonder about its sexual orientation.



  3. Tom Kelso says:



    Sounds like a movie sequel — I can hear THAT GUY’s voice already….

    “From the people who gave you Rochelle, Rochelle…

    And a mind that even William F. Buckley found amusing, yet was able to underpay….

    Eugene, Eugene — a young man’s strange, humorous and borderline erotic journey form Novosibirsk to Northbrook…

    Eugene, Eugene…

    Anticlimax has seldom been so funny.”

  4. The obvious advantage of repeating my name: I’ll never have writer’s block.

    On the other hand, writing at 11:44 p.m. I am less than lucid.

    Eugene (and Eugene)

  5. pablo says:

    Al Quaida and alcohol also begin with the same two letters, but that didn’t stop George.

  6. Peggles says:

    I have great admiration for
    you (and you).

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