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New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who rode into the governor’s office after his time as the state’s crusading attorney general, has reportedly admitted his involvement in a prostitution ring.

Of course, this was just a misunderstanding. The former attorney general thought that he was involved in a prosecution ring. He presumed that he was participating in a moot court, a group of lawyers just trying each other. That young lady attorney certainly could take a deposition.

In view, however, of the public outrage over Gov. Spitzer’s conduct, he must behave in a manner appropriate for a public official guilty of hypocrisy and moral turpitude: he should offer to become Republican.

  1. Rothgar says:

    Is this public outrage or GOP outrage. Are they recruiting?

    You’d give up a prefectly good hetrosexual sex scandal over morality. The Democrats have been way too boring recently we need a scandal now and then. Of course we never get the good gay scandals since our gays don’t need closets.

  2. If Spitzer has the $4000 for an hour of a prostitute’s affection, he probably is a closet Republican.

    How strange, however, that the Republicans did not demand Rudy Guiliani’s resignation over his adultery. Perhaps marrying your bimbo is the moral difference.

  3. Bob Kincaid says:

    The Repiglickins were only shocked because Spitzer was having sex with an adult. That’s not their “Way.”

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