Your RDA of Irony

Viva Ricardo!

Fidel Castro would be a hard act to follow, but there were more exciting alternatives than Baby Brother Raoul. Many of us would have liked the Mafia back. Havana certainly could use another Meyer Lansky. The Sunday brunches at the Nacionale Hotel just have not been the same without him. For the last forty-seven years, the specialty of the Hotel’s Commissar Commissary has been green peppers stuffed with beets, served cold.

Of course, the transition from Communism to Coppola might be too abrupt, so Cuba would require an intermediate dictator. Imagine someone with a Stalinoid personality and the morals of a MBA: a psychopathic swindler. Fortunately, Dick Cheney is available. He certainly is wondering what he could do after January, which is probably why he is planning a coup in November. But if that should fail, he might enjoy ruling Cuba. It could be his retirement tyranny. Everything that he has done to the United States, he could repeat there with the added charm of the tropics. Rum-boarding sounds fun!

Once again, Cuba could be a tourist paradise, especially for any indicted members of the Bush adminstration avoiding extradition.

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