Your RDA of Irony

Your RDA of Typecasting


The seven-episode mini-series is being made for US cable network HBO and is based on David McCullough’s best-selling book John Adams. Giamatti will play Adams before he became the US president and was a Massachusetts lawyer working behind the scenes to mobilize a revolt of the colonies, which led to the American Revolution. The book was also partly based on letters between Adams and wife Abigail, which will also be included in the mini-series. The projectwill be broadcast in March 2008

Since it is HBO, we can look forward to nude scenes of Abigail Adams (likely with Ben Franklin…if anyone really tried to be the Father of Our Country).

Paul Giamatti is an inspired choice. John Adams was a small, physically unappealing and very annoying man. Imagine Woody Allen as a monogamous Gentile. Paul Giamatti would be perfect in conveying such an irritating, clumsy personality.

If John Hancock hadn’t picked up everyone’s bar tab in Philadelphia, it is likely that the other states might have voted their independence from Massachusetts, too.

And Adams was just as popular as our ambassador to France, nagging Versailles about Paris’ high prices and low necklines. The guillotine had yet to be invented, so the French government settled for expelling Adams to the Netherlands.

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