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Close Encounters of the Worst Kind


Hillary Clinton today warned that Barak Obama’s charisma might draw satellites, asteroids and extra-terrestrials to earth. “All that charm could destroy this planet. Unlike my kindly, naive opponent I know how to deal with extra-terrestrials, the benefit of spending 35 years in government and the fact that I am a Borg.” Sen. Obama refuted her criticism by announcing his endorsement by the Vulcans.

Former Governor and Habitual Evangelist Mike Huckabee blamed the satellite’s failure on modern society’s liberal tolerance of gravity. “Before we knew about gravity, we didn’t have these problems. All we now can do is pray that Jesus flies that satellite away.”

Senator John McCain expressed his hope that the satellite wouldn’t hit any friendly countries. He further wondered if the satellite failed because Mitt Romney had outsourced the aero-space industry to China. Mr. Romney denied any “effective” connection to the Shanghai-headquartered Romney Metalworks, Waste Disposal, Pharmaceuticals and Catering . “I may have ten million shares, but I still get the same annual report you do.”

  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    And Ron Paul is a Romulan.

  2. The Neo-Cons certainly look like Ferengi.

  3. David says:

    Media coverage for the above was to be provided by Star Trek’s Odo. Not being available at broadcast time, Odo’s duties were handled by Chris Matthews. No one noticed the swap.

  4. Peggles says:

    Who will get the crucial Klingon
    endorsement? If Romney offers the Empire lifetime shaving supplies, he’s got them!

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