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Masterpiece Theater with Chris Matthews

This morning Chris Matthews was lending his unique perspective–and grating falsetto–to popular theater and films. “You see the election is just like Amadeus. Hillary is Salieri, and Barak is Mozart.” Unfortunately, he did not elaborate as to whether or not George Bush was Emperor Joseph and Dick Cheney was Maria Theresa.

With some back issues of the New Yorker, however, Chris can imagine a complete repertory season….

“Barak is Othello, and Hillary is Desdemona but she is married to Iago who is using her to get another term as Doge.”

“John McCain is the free-spirit, iconoclast, anti-establish hippie of Hair. At least, that’s the impression of the Republican Party and the liberal media.”

“Mitt Romney is like Eliza Doolittle except that the high-born lady is trying to pass herself off as a flowergirl.”

“Mike Huckabee is an Arthur Miller character. With just a smile and shoeshine, he is Willy Loman in The Crucible, selling guided tours for witch hunts.”

“Relying on his animal magnetism Rudy Giuliani thinks that he’s Stanley Kowalski and the voters are Blanche DuBois; however, Blanche beats him up.”

  1. Peggles says:

    Loved it – especially Bill=Iago,
    a resemblance that becomes clearer with every passing day.

    I pray that this nation does not replace a Republican megalomaniac with a Democrat megalomanic (or megalomaniette).

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