Your RDA of Irony

Republican Trash Talk

With just hours before the Florida Republican Primary vote, and the polls indicating a dead heat, Mitt Romney and John McCain have abandoned all civilized restraints and committed the ultimate offense: Each has accused the other of being a Liberal.

“You’re a Liberal.” “No, you’re a Liberal.” “You’d hire a million illegal aliens.” “Well, you’d hire a gazillion.”

I am waiting to see which one is first accused of being a boogerhead. Apparently, none of the striking scriptwriters are Republicans; otherwise we might get a better quality of accusation.

“You’re so Liberal you’d have voted for Lincoln.”
“You’re so Liberal you’d have married him.”
“You’re so Liberal you’d have killed Jesus.
“You’re so Liberal you’d force the Virgin Mary get an abortion.
“You’re so Liberal you want to lose the Iraq War.”
“Youre so Liberal you’d want to win the Second World War.”

  1. Dave Traini’s contribution:

    You’re so liberal, you lean more to the left than the
    Tower of Pisa. You’re so liberal, your favorite part
    of the chicken is the left wing.

    You’re so liberal, you think Mother Jones was a
    fascist pig.
    You’re so liberal, if you cut your finger, it will
    bleed Democratic Blue.


  2. SwanShadow says:

    You’re so liberal, your favorite food is leftovers.

    You’re so liberal, your favorite Marx Brother was Karl.

  3. Peggles says:

    You’re so liberal, your favorite
    book is Waiting for Lefty.

    You’re so liberal, you’re hoping for Tom Cruise to film “All the Left Moves.”

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