Your RDA of Irony

High Definition and Low Expectations

CNN is now broadcasting in High Definition. I can have the thrill of seeing Wolf Blitzer in 3D, although he is only 2D in reality. His missing dimension is depth. When he is conducting an interview, you get the feeling that he is not listening to the answers. In fact, he does not seem to understand the questions he is reading. You wonder why anyone would make the creative effort to lie to him; perhaps there is the slight chance that the audience is more alert than Ditzer Blitzer.

This could be one of his interviews with Dick Cheney.

Blitzer: Mr. Vice President, how do you respond to those critics who say that you are consistently wrong about Iraq?

Cheney: You know, Wolf, I belong to a Satanic cult that requires me to eat the eyeballs of children. I have been burying their bodies in the rose garden–the exercise is good for my heart–but Barney kept digging up the bones and upsetting the Secret Service. So I incited the Iraq War just to provide me those extra eyeballs. Halliburton doesn’t charge me extra for delivery.

Blitzer: Mr. Vice President, critics of the postal service….

Larry King would conduct a better, more probing interview. True, Cheney would be asked about his favorite Esther Williams movies, but thanks to King’s persistent grilling, the American public would know exactly what Cheney felt about “Million Dollar Mermaid.”

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