Your RDA of Irony

Withdrawal Symptoms

Poor Iowa. With the end of the caucus, the state may feel like it has lost its 15 best friends. Iowa has grown so used to those ingratiating candidates. For the last year, they seemed part of the family. Rev. Mike was so helpful in the kitchen; remember how he entertained the children by making crosses of the green beans. John really made a great little league coach; no one before thought of suing the umpire. Mitt just loved washing the car; where did he get all that soft soap? And people would make up chores just to keep Barak happy. Worse, the children’s grades now will suffer, without Hillary doing their homework; if only the caucus could have lasted another year or two, she would have gotten the kids into the Ivy League.

Poor Iowa. For solace, it can listen to the soundtrack of “The Music Man.” But after having 15 Prof. Harold Hills, one charming conman just isn’t enough.

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