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Parallel Lives…

My wife just told me “Roger Smith died.” I thought that she was referring to a former actor best known for being the husband–and manager— of Ann-Margret. Karen corrected me, “No, Roger B. Smith, the chairman of General Motors in the 80s.”

In other words, the Roger Smith with the less successful career.

But what if Ann-Margret had made the same mistake. Imagine her life if she had married Roger B. Smith….

Sensing the tempo of the late Sixties, Roger B. Smith casts Ann-Margret with Tony Perkins in a revival of the Ma and Pa Kettle movies. By the 1990s, Mr. Smith feels that television is ready for Ann-Margret. He casts her as the daffy wife of an abusive Cuban band leader. The failure of that sitcom does not deter Mr. Smith. The next season, Ann-Margret is back playing identical cousins, and the following year she is cast as a nose-twitching witch.

Masterminding his wife’s return to movie stardom, Smith finds a film that captures the talents and allure of Ann-Margret. In 2006, the 64-year-old actress stars in the title role of “Kitten With a Whip.”

  1. karen finerman says:

    maybe you could manage my career on cnbc.

  2. There are two Karen Finermans. The rich and somewhat famous one is on CNBC; the long-suffering martyr is married to me.

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