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Atlas Kvetched

Today I want to pay tribute to my fellow satirist Alicia Rosenbaum, who actually made a cult of bad manners. Jack Kirby or Stan Lee could have immortalized her as a comicbook heroine: Super Yenta. However, she preferred to reinvent herself as Ayn Rand.

Her philosophy, Objectivism, is a synonym for Chutzpahism. At my local supermarket, I frequently encounter her disciples, the Hadassah Kamikazes, who ram their shopping carts into you and then complain about your clumsiness.

This is the 50th anniversary of her novel “Atlas Shrugged”, a sociopath’s guide to ridiculous writing. If you can’t get enough of bombastic prose, I’d recommend “The Ayn Rand Cookbook.”

Just savor her recipe for brisket.

First, take an inferior species: the unimaginative would use a cow; if you really want to assert your superiority, use a family pet.

Then, place yourself and the animal in a vat of boiling water. If you scream, start over and repeat until you master your weakness.


Eugen von Thor

  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    There’s an irony here that only just struck me.

    It’ll lead the show tonight (Friday).

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