Your RDA of Irony

And Think What You’ll Save on Razor Blades!


And here is the infomercial. (It preempted the Montagu Love film festival on Turner Classic Movies)

Tired of being an infidel? Wish you had a friend at OPEC? Well, what’s stopping you! Become a Moslem! We’d love to have you!
Convert now and take advantage of this special introductory offer.

A CD of the Koran, ululated by Cat Stevens.

A kaffiyeh for you and four burkahs for your wives, designed by Islam Dior.

Twelve Chia Imans–just water them and watch their beards grow!

And a Jihad Scimitar Set–with a blade for every occasion: decapitations, circumcisions and minced figs!

Just call our toll-free number. We have mullahs waiting to take your soul.

So, the next time I turn to Mecca, I hope to see your backside.

  1. Alan says:

    Great post, Eugene. The arrogance of these people! If anything, you could have made it even more sarcastic (“Stop wasting money on your daughters’ education!”).

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