Your RDA of Irony

Headline Medley

Bush Treated for Lyme Disease Last Year

Tick Treated for Catatonia.

Gonzales Arrives In Baghdad To Advise On Iraq’s New Legal System

The catatonic tick would be more knowledgeable. Actually, the Attorney General should be given command of the army; he could be a better general than he is an attorney.

Karl Rove to Resign at End of August

Despite his denials of exorcism, Karl Rove is going to Hell. In what may be the only possible advancement for him, Mr. Rove will now work as the chief of staff of Satan. He will be replacing Beelzebub who is expected to become a lobbyist.

  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    Why does “Fredo” Gonzales going to Baghdad strike me as the Bushista equivalent of Fredo Corleone getting in the boat?

  2. I think that this is more of a film noir. Fredo has an accident, and Dick and Lynn Cheney collect the money. I’d call it “Dubya Indemnity.”

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