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Benign Idiopathic Euphemism

When I heard the news that John Roberts had suffered a serious fall, I assumed that it was just another incident of auto-asphyxiation. (Never try hanging yourself while wearing high heels.) Now, however, I genuinely impressed by the remarkable diagnosis that he received. You cannot say “epilepsy” because the Bush Administration attributes that affliction to demonic possession. No, the Chief Justice has only had an benign idiopathic seizure. That sounds merely like a tantrum, which no doubt was caused by that terrorist yenta Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

So we can be reassured that John Roberts is receiving the best in healthcare and euphemisms.

A more critical condition would be a malignant idiocratic seizure–which is the diagnosis of the Bush Adminstration.

  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    Personally,I think it was a case of ROberts’ brain rebelling against his life in the Log Closet.

  2. David Traini says:

    I am embarrassed to say that, when I first heard about the incident, I hoped that he would become a Supreme Corpse. Looking on the brightsie, maybe his right brain will be affected so that the portion that is left will be toward the left. Actually, studies of the brains of hardcore conservatives show that the corpus CALLOUSum is highly developed, thereby making them insensitive to the needs of the poor and minoroties.

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