Your RDA of Irony

Libel Epoque

Thorough cynic that I am, I now expect gratuitous product placement in movies. In fact, I am surprised that old films are not being reedited to accommodate commercial endorsements….

For instance, imagine this addition to “Spartacus”:

Julius Caesar: How can you crucify 6000 slaves?
Crassus: You can accomplish all your carpentry needs with just one stop at Home Depot! By the way, you look great in that toga.
Caesar: It’s Hanes!

Nonetheless, last Saturday I witnessed what may have been the newest and most diabolical form of product placement. The characters in “Little Miss Sunshine” just had to let you know that they drank Sprite. Of course, these characters happen to be grotesque. If they drank Sprite, you would be inclined to avoid that product. Either someone in Sprite’s marketing department is a complete imbecile…or someone in Seven-Up’s marketing department is an evil genius.

Yes, perhaps Seven-Up paid to poison the image of its competitor. “Sprite–the drink preferred by misfits and failures. The lemon-lime for losers.”

Well, two can play that game. In Tom Cruise’s next film, “Valkyrie”, expect Hitler to be drinking Seven-Up.

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