Your RDA of Irony

On This Day in 1543 and 1992

Henry VIII and I share a wedding anniversary. Of course, everyone could say that. In my case, the date of Henry’s marrage to Catherine Paar coincides with my marriage to Karen.

We should also consider my other remarkable similarities to Mr. Tudor. Both Henry and I are equally plausible as the head of the Church of England. Henry had syphillis; I certainly tried to–but during the Sexual Revolution I must have been classified as 4-F. Henry had a brother-in-law beheaded; that is on my to-do list.

But how can we compare Catherine Paar and Karen Finerman? They are equally entitled to your pity.

Happy Anniversary to my noble martyr and lovely wife.

  1. David Traini says:

    Your wife Karen is anything but par; she’s great!!!

  2. Bob Kincaid says:

    Yeah, Eugene, but how are you on the lute?

    What’s the official gift for fifteen years? Fifteen more?

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Tom Kelso says:

    Eugene also does not look nearly as rakish in his Holbein portrait; he could also probably do a better job in the role than that twit Showtime hired for The Tudors.

  4. karen finerman says:

    i understand that crystal is the appropriate gift for the fifteenth anniversary. thank you all for your tributes.

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