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Lewis “Scot-Free” Libby

Should Lewis Libby change his nickname from Scooter to Scot-Free? Of course, he still is burdened with a fine of $250,000. Do you realize how hard he would have to work to earn that kind of money?

He would have to serve on at least three corporate boards for a year.

He might have to rob 20 liquor stores. Fortunately, the President could commute any of those sentences, too.

Working as a bartender, he would have to make 2,500 jello shooters for Jenna Bush. And she doesn’t tip.

I have no idea how much cocaine he would have to sell. But perhaps the President still remembers the market rates.

  1. Rene says:

    Three corporate boards? I would have thought one part-time position would be enough.

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