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Why Tom Cruise Thinks of Himself as Anne Frank….

GERMANY BANS TOM CRUISE MOVIE“Germany has banned filming of Tom Cruise’s new movie at its military bases because they object to the actor’s Scientology religion. Scientology is not recognized as a church by the German government, who claim the controversial religion is a “money-making cult.” Cruise is set to begin filming Valkyrie in Germany this summer, in which he plays Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, leader of an unsuccessful plot to kill Adolf Hitler during World War II. “

It seems only 70 years ago that Germany was denouncing another “money-making cult” that also had a real affinity for show business. If I were handling Germany’s PR (a full-time job), I would come up with a more tactful denunciation.Here are some possibilities:

a. The German people can’t condone anyone leaving Nicole Kidman for Katie Holmes.

b. The German people would rather see a sequel to “Risky Business”.

c. The German people have nothing against Scientologists, but would prefer John Travolta as von Stauffenberg–especially for the dance sequences.

  1. Jay Hambleton says:

    Do you think perhaps that someone else should play Stauffenberg? That moron is an insult to Stauffenberg’s memory.

    Jay Hambleton

  2. Tom Cruise is a jerk in what passes for his real-life; however, he is not a bad actor.

    And Hollywood could do so much worse. Imagine Vin Diesel or Ben Stiller as von Stauffenberg. Mel Gibson certainly would give an unique interpretation to the role: he’d try to save Hitler.

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