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My Celebrity Endorsement from Kaiser Wilhelm

As you may have suspected, I scribble on public washroom walls “For a pedantic time, contact Eugene.”  One magazine editor did so, assigning me to write a 1200 word essay on the causes of World War I. I would seem perfect for the task.  In fact, I may have been too perfect.  I turned in an 1800 word article; I just couldn’t say less than that. 

Perhaps in one sentence I could have blamed Kaiser Wilhelm II and Germany.  That would be somewhat accurate.  Wilhelm II was a dangerous buffoon, but he did not have a monopoly on stupidity.  Tsar Nicholas II would have had a lower score on “Jeopardy.”  And each of these reckless dolts had a skein of alliances that would embroil all of Europe in the war.  All of the grudges, ambitions and errors could not be summarized in 1200 words.

And once the editor read my article, she had to agree. 

The article is in current issue of Boss Magazine, on page 20.  I invite you to read it.

In fact, I think that you will enjoy the entire magazine.  Boss is an attractive, interesting periodical.  Of course, my article should be your priority.


  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    Nice work. The theme devolving upon itself was a nice touch.

    But what about Alvin York and Eddie Rickenbacker? Here in America, we’re taught that they won the war single-handedly!

    After all, didn’t AEF stand for “After England Failed?”

  2. In fact, the Americans did win the war–with our fresh supply of cannon fodder. Without that invading horde of doughboys, who knows how much longer the imbecilic slaughter would have lasted? They might still be in trenches, trying to break the record of the 100 Years War.

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