Your RDA of Irony

On This Day in 1916…

If any of you are in the mood for German seafood, your subconscious is just reminding you that today is the 99th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland.

The greatest naval battle of World War I is claimed as a victory by both sides. The Kaiserliche Marine did inflict far more damage, casualties and ship losses on the British. Yet, the German fleet then retreated to its home ports, never to sail again and leaving the British navy in uncontested control of the seas.

To put it in Jeopardy terms, imagine that you have spent twenty years training to get on the show and face Ken Jennings. At the end of Double Jeopardy, you are in the lead! However, during the commercial break before Final Jeopardy, you flee the stage and barricade yourself in the washroom. Ken is left alone on the stage to wager on Final Jeopardy. He gets it right and wins. (After two years, you emerge from the washroom claiming that you had actually won but had been cheated by the Masons, Socialists and Jews on the FCC.)

  1. David Traini says:

    The German response was “Scheer” folly. I guess it was jut one of those things!

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