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Middle-Aged Masochism

As if the aches and sags of our decrepit corpses were not hint enough, the middle-aged can torment ourselves by our bifocaled powers of observation. 

First, consider your favorite television show.  Then, if you have the stamina, count the members of the cast who are younger than you.  Unless you are watching “Sixty Minutes” you are going to be depressed.  I did a tally of “Scrubs” and found that I was older than every member of the cast except for the actor who plays a decaying curmudgeon.  Worse, I am old enough to be the father of half the cast.

And there are further torments when I remember shows of the past.  It is rather disheartening to realize that I am now the same age as Abe Vigoda was in “Barney Miller.”  Even worse, I am older than Andy Devine in “Wild Bill Hickok.  My only solace is that I am still younger than Walter Brennan on “The Real McCoys”.  (But not by that much!)   


  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    You want depressing? Consider the age of Irene Ryan when she STARTED playing the ancient-but-feisty Granny Daisy Moses on “The Beverly Hillbillies” in 1961.

  2. Leah says:

    I’m younger than Uncle Junior and Paulie Walnuts. I’m older than the cast of The Daily Show and Colbert and 30 Rock. But my favorite stuff to watch on television is the movies on TCM; one of the games I play is to figure out if anyone in a given movie is still alive. So if they’re dead, I figure I’m a LOT younger.

  3. Alan Perlman says:

    Or how about sports? I remember when Scott Skiles, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson were COLLEGE players!

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