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“Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has defended his casting as famously overweight English monarch King Henry VIII, insisting US audiences don’t want to watch an obese royal. The Irish heartthrob is playing the 16th century tyrant – who married six times – in Showtime TV series Tudors which shows a sexed-up side to Tudor England.

Rhys-Meyers says, ‘You’re trying to sell a historical period drama to a country like America, you don’t want a big, fat, 250 pounds, red haired guy with a beard. It doesn’t let people embrace the fantastic monarch he was, because they’re not attracted to the package. Heroes do not look like Henry VIII. That is just the world we live in.'”

As long as the show is being tailored to American tastes, I would have preferred these “packages.”

Short but nebbishly cute, sexually eager if inept, Harry Tudor Jr., wants to be a Renaissance man. Ben Stiller plays the King; Owen Wilson co-stars as Thomas More.


Who can save England from its enemies? Only the supreme martial artist: Chen Ree Dai Ai. Jackie Chan plays the Ninja King. Owen Wilson co-stars as Thomas More.

–or Dim and dogmatic Isabella of Castille, affable if incompetent Pope Leo X and the outrageously irascible Martin Luther judge a talent show to determine who will be the next King of England. “Anglican Idol” is rated R. (At Isabella’s insistence, losing contestants are burned at the stake; but she still hopes to save their souls.)  



  1. Rene says:

    Henry VIII was a hero?

  2. He was no hero and he certainly would not even qualify as a good man; and yet he was an excellent king. His reign left England more powerful and wealthy.

    In contrast, Richard I was a hero–and a miserable king. The Lion Heart was a brave and excellent soldier, but completely irresponsible as a ruler.

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