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Joan of Arkansas?

PARIS Apr 4, 2007 (AP)– A rib bone supposedly found at the site where French heroine Joan of Arc was burned at the stake is actually that of an Egyptian mummy, according to researchers who used high-tech science to expose the fake.

The bone, a piece of cloth and a cat femur were said to have been recovered after the 19-year-old was burned in 1431 in the town of Rouen. In 1909 the year Joan of Arc was beatified scientists declared it “highly probable” that the relics were hers.

So, now we know that Joan of Arc had previous incarnations as an Egyptian and a cat.  Whether out of sentimentality or for recycling, she kept bones of her past lives in her skeleton.  Now, we just have to wonder who she is today: a combination of Nefertiti, Cat Woman and Joan of Arc….Senator Clinton?

  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    How do you top that? What can you say?

    You’ve whooped me on this one, Eugene!

    I must point out, however, that Senator Clinton sounds far too nasally and “Chicago” to ever be considered a real southerner.

    It seems an irony that the “Liberal” (Oh, god! there it is again! “Liberal Media!” Bwa-hahahahahahahahahaha!) Media has yet to figure out that they’ve set up an intrastate, intracounty rivalry between Senators Obama and Clinton.

    Sorta leaves John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich for those of us who want a choice outside of Cook County.

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