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The Chicago Tribulation

The Chicago Tribune is one of Chicago’s grandest institutions.  Of course, so is Al Capone.  And since Mr. Capone was a Republican, the Tribune no doubt gave him favorable coverage.  No other newspaper would have linked Eleanor Roosevelt with the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.  Given the newspaper’s lopsided editorial perspective, it was rather surprising the Trib-owned Cubs never celebrated “Joseph McCarthy Day” at Wrigley Field (with a free bobble-head of Anne Coulter to the first 500 fans).

You may know that the Tribune now has been acquired by a real estate magnate named Sam Zell.  Since he openly admits to reading David Brooks and Charles Krauthammer, there is no hope of a major editorial shift in the newspaper.  Yet, I imagine that there still will be a few changes in the Tribune.  For example, the editorials now may be less adamant about keeping America out of World War II.  On the comics page, “Dick Tracy” is likely to drop his investigation of “Cathy” over whether she really kills Christian children to make matzo.

  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    Speaking of killing children, Eugene (and how’s that for a good cocktail party conversation operner!) it looks like the Tribe may be getting some relief. A recent article at has transferred the “blood libel” to the Chinese, complete with an operatic rendition of “Oh, Holy Night,” or some such and a warning that “the kingdom of Heaven is at hand,” while running a slide show of fetuses allegedly being prepared as soup.

    The video is also available at YouTube. Graphic. Horrifying. And false, just as with the last two thousand years of blood libel.

    No mention yet of the fetuses being used to make wonton wrappers (Asian matzoh), but it’s still developing.

    “The more things change . . . “

  2. Mike Field says:

    ‘Cathy’ is Jewish?! I thought I always saw her with Christmas trees…

  3. Regarding “Cathy”, she may be trans-sectual. While she does have Christmas trees, she also has a very Jewish husband. And oy her mother-in-law; I am surprised that her kvetching isn’t written from right to left.

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