Your RDA of Irony

The Passion of the Eugene

I may give up Passover for Lent.  As if the last 2000 years did not provide persecution, Jews torture themselves once a year by eating a form of styrofoam called matzo.  For eight days we endure it as a substitute for bread. 

According to Exodus and Cecil B. DeMille, when the Jews were fleeing Egypt they did not have time to prepare the bread in any edible form.  Skipping a few steps–including leavening–in the baking, the result was mottled, tasteless slabs, flaky but indestructible.  No self-respecting mold would want to grow on it. 

However, the very nature of matzo makes me doubt the historical basis of the Exodus.   If the Exodus really had occurred, archaeologists certainly would have found the matzo crumbs by now.

Of course, I must mention Passover’s role in Christianity.    Why do you think that Jesus allowed Himself to be crucified?  Even HE couldn’t stand matzo for 8 days.

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