Your RDA of Irony

Subpoena Envy

Responding to charges of improper political influence on the Attoady General, the White House will allow Karl Rove and Harriet Miers to be sort of interviewed by a congressional committee.  In a spirit of compromise, the White House has dropped its request for a $200,000 speaker’s fee.  However, according to to the administration’s remaining demands, these interviews will not be under oath and no recordings and transcripts will be allowed. 

And both Karl Rove and Harriet Miers had further demands.  Mr. Rove will make himself available for a 15 minute cell phone conversation while he is driving to work.  He insists that all questions be sung in a country-and-western style.

Ms. Miers will personally attend the interview.  She insists, however, on formal wear: men in tuxedos and ladies in evening gowns.  All questions must be succinctly phrased, so that a yes or no will suffice.  Furthermore, she demands that she be questioned only by Bennett Cerf, Arlene Francis, Dorothy Killgallen and Bill Cullen; John Daley is to moderate.  (No, she is not being devious; she really doesn’t know.) 

  1. Rey Hinckley says:

    What does “Sort of being interviewed” mean? If these people can not be interviewed under oath how can we take anything seriously. I don’t trust any of these people speaking under oath because I haven’t heard of anyone being struck by lightening for lying to a court system.

  2. Both Rove and Miers have a certain reliability. Anything that Rove says is a lie; that is guaranteed.

    Ms. Miers may be too “confused” to lie; facts are so rude. During the interview, she will be knitting pants for her canary, Rover.

  3. Joyce Briggs the Elder says:

    Thank you, Eugene.
    I have reached the place where I must turn off the national news after only a few minutes, so your commentaries are a great help. They keep me updated but through a scrim that enables me to see our leadership as the cast of a farce. Carry on!
    My best as always –/j

  4. Dear Joyce the Elder,

    Thank you.

    If only you were on the Pulitzer Committee…


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