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Recognizing her unique talent, HarperCollins is paying Jenna Bush an advance of $300,000 to write a story about a young South American woman with HIV.  Ms. Bush was under the impression that HIV is a sorority.  Entitled “Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope,” the book will be non-fiction except that all the characters and circumstances will be fictitious.  Ms. Bush denies that she has plagiarized a Defense Department study.   

“I have been inspired by my work with adolescents in Central and South America,” Jenna Bush said in a press release.  “These young people have faced extreme hardships and exclusion but are strong in spirit and have an incredible will to succeed.”  Ms. Bush was deeply moved by how few of these adolescents ever had “jello shooters.”

The book will be written for the pre-adolescent reader, which fortunately happens to be Ms. Bush’s writing level.

Equally amazing is the fact that HarperCollins is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

  1. Rey Hinckley says:

    This is indeed good news for the Paris Hilton crowd. Ms. Bush’s book should be a real eye opener to all of her contemporaries who have her autograph it.
    It is a shame that this work of “non”fiction will result in destroying a forest.

  2. david traini says:

    Her work with adolescents in Central and South America, was that the community service component of her plea bargain?

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