Your RDA of Irony

Hail to the Chaff

A recent survey, conducted during the commercial breaks for American Idol, asked people to list the five greatest Presidents of the United States.  Of the 10 most popular choices, five were actually Presidents.  Here is the list:


Martin Sheen

Abraham Lincoln

Walter Cronkite

Ronald Reagan

Rodgers N. Hammerstein 

John Kennedy


Bill Clinton

Somebody Roosevelt

It is interesting that Reagan, Kennedy and Clinton made the list.  In America, glibness must be synonymous with greatness.  Washington, Jefferson and Jackson should fire their media consultants. 


  1. david traini says:

    Numerous other surveys were taken. Here are the top choices from the designated populations:

    Cat Fanciers: Garfield

    Dudley Moore Fans: Arthur

    Bengals, Cavaliers and Indians Fans: Cleveland

    Tennis Fans: Wilson

    Taurus Owners: Ford

    Consumers of Little Liver Pills: Carter

    Baked Bean Lovers: Bush

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