Your RDA of Irony

The War Against Northern Tariff Policies

As the Land Commissioner of Texas, Jerry Patterson feels that his primary responsibility is to defend the reputation of the Confederacy.  Commemorating “Confederate Heroes Day,” the none too subtle alternate to Lincoln’s Birthday, Mr. Patterson deplored history’s misunderstanding of ‘The Glorious Cause.’  “Many believe the War Between the States was solely about slavery and the Confederacy is synonymous with racism.  That conclusion is faulty because the premise is faulty.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Patterson failed to mention the other–presumably more important–reasons that the South attempted to secede from the Union.  A faulty memory might be caused by a tight hood. 

If only to atone for the inconvenience of the truth, I can suggest some reasons for the Civil War:

The South simply wanted to avoid Mary Lincoln.  (That is very plausible except that all of the other states would have seceded too.)

The South wanted “free agent” status and was simply looking for the best offer; Austria seemed interested.

The South was trying to protect its slaves from being exploited by professional sports and the entertainment industry.

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