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How I Would Improve Steven Spielberg

Munich: the added scenes

September, 1972. The Israeli Cabinet is holding an emergency session.

scene 1–
Golde Meir: Those terrorists must be punished.

Director of Mossad: We have a new and intriguing list of assassination targets. It was compiled by our summer interns. Lewie Libby, Dick Perle and Little Paulie Wolfowitz are certain that these assassinations will shatter the Arab psychology and force the Arab world to become passive and democratic.

Golde Meir: They want us to kill Danny Thomas?

Mossad: Paulie is certain that St. Jude’s Hospital is a terrorist front.

Meir: And they want us to kill Barbara Eden?

Mossad: She shouldn’t play an Arab.

Meir: This list is meshuggah! Either we deport your wunderkinds or at least transfer them to the Agriculture Department.

Mossad: We can’t completely ignore the list. Lewie’s father always buys two tables for Israel Bond Dinners. We’ll have to target at least one name on the list.

Meir: Politics! All right, who’s the one that won’t be missed?

Scene 2–

Turning on his car’s ignition proved to be quite a surprise for Casey Casem.

  1. Rey Hinckley says:

    Sounds exciting. Please send me a copy of the final draft.

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