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Sunday Sundry Summary

Oh What a Beautiful Mourning

If only Chile still had political prisoners, Augusto Pinochet would have no trouble obtaining a donor heart.  The retired tyrant’s heart, obviously unused, is succumbing to atrophy.  Pinochet has received last rites; the priest probably insisted on a polygraph with the confession.

Assuming that God finally does something right, Pinochet will receive a state funeral either in Myanmar or the Bahamas.  That depends whether he wishes to be buried nearest his politics or his bank accounts.   

Season’s Bleatings

A thousand years ago, the children of Scandinavia looked up to the sky awaiting the arrival of a jolly, boisterous spirit and his animal drawn cart.  If the children had been good, they would be rewarded with weapons and attack plans for the British Isles.  Thor and his goat cart would eventually be replaced by a migrant deity willing to work longer hours, deal with diseases and the other drudgery that no self-respecting Aesir would touch.

Yet, Swedes still celebrate the Christmas season with little straw goats, a symbol of their former theology.  Perhaps in Scandinavian Nativity scenes the Virgin Mother is wearing a breast plate and a horned helmet.

  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    “Hail, Mary, Mother of Odin. Blessed art thou among Valkyries.”

  2. Fifth century Rome had the consolation that it was sacked by Christians. The Goths and the Vandals had converted, although they subscribed to the Arian interpretation. (Call it irony or alliteration, but the Aryans were Arians.) The Goths and the Vandals interpolated God and Jesus as Wotan and Thor. Their idea of the Holy Spirit was probably mead.

  3. david traini says:

    Well, one man’s mead is another man’s passion.

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