Your RDA of Irony

Karl Rove’s Plan B


┬áIn an incident that might have spoiled a bipartisan lunch, Nancy Pelosi noticed a rattle snake in her coffee cup. The snake had inexplicably found its way into Ms. Pelosi’s pot of coffee. Fortunately, the snake posed no real danger, having been poisoned by the arsenic, cyanide and curare already in the coffee.

Press Secretary Tony Snow offered the explanation that a White House chef might have mistaken a cookbook by Lucretia Borgia for one by Erma Rombauer. “All those foreign names sound alike.”

Faux News, however, broadcast that “Commissar Pelosi had tried to poison herself just to make our President look bad.”

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales saw no evidence of anything other than a bad cup of coffee. However, he did announce that would prosecute Speaker-to-be Pelosi for vandalism in dropping the porcelain cup. He also appointed a special prosecutor to investigate if Ms. Pelosi had ever taken any Sweet ‘n’ Low from a restaurant.

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