Your RDA of Irony

Election Results

Here is one tabulation from the use of touch-screen voting machines. The entire neighborhood now has Mrs. Weinstein’s cough.

An election judge (Republican, of course) challenged me on the correct spelling of my name. “Shouldn’t it be ‘Finnerman’–with two N’s?” Perhaps “Finerman” was our attempt at anglicizing.

But enough of my suburban shtetl. Here is your RDA of Irony….

Early Wednesday morning President Bush telephoned Nancy Pelosi. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales taped the following conversation.

President Bush: Guess who!

Nancy Pelosi: Mr. President.

Him: Which one?

Her: Bill Clinton would have asked me what lingerie I was wearing. Oh, and your father already called to congratulate me. He thought that you wouldn’t bother.

Him: No, Laura made me. Congratulate for what?

Her: The Democrats won the election. I am the new Speaker of the House.

Him: KARL!!!

Karl: She is lying, sir.

Him: Oh, that’s a good one, Pell-pell. My turn: Is your refrigerator running?

Her: Better than your campaign. And I don’t have “Prince Albert in a Can.”

Him: Ya know, Queen Elizabeth got upset when I asked her that one. Seems he was a relative.

Her: Do you have anything else to say?

Him: Isn’t it funny when the French say “wee-wee”? They think it means “yes.” Oh, wait. The Vice President wants to talk to you.

Cheney: I know where your grandchildren live.

Him: They tell me that’s all I have to say. Bye.

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