Your RDA of Irony

If It Is On Television, It Must Be TRUE

My Congressman is considered a moderate Republican: he has yet to denounce Galileo and Darwin as New York liberals. His prospects for reelection must be excellent because his campaign ads are few and always polite. You will be relieved to know that he supports Veterans Hospitals.

The congressional races in adjacent districts, however, would not be mistaken for a Hallmark card. It is remarkable how many accusations you can put in one sentence.

Here is an example: Terrorist-pornographer Eugene Finerman wants to tax your children’s stem cells to support gay weddings for illegal aliens.

(This ad has been paid for by the Republican National Committee, which is not responsible for anything.)

  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    Dude! You just qualified to be a “Republican Media Consultant.” That’s genius!

    Can you get something in about how Hollywood Liberal Democrats and al-Qaeda hate the Ten Commandments?

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