Your RDA of Irony

Terror Infirma

And now a message from the Republican National Committee:

“Hello, I am Laura Bush. I want you to imagine me with a black eye and a broken nose. And it will be your fault if you vote Democratic. Yes, without Republican control of Congress, George will start drinking again. If you think that he acts like an irresponsible drunk now, imagine him when he isn’t sober.

What if it snows on the day he wanted to golf? He’ll declare war on Canada! Perhaps you think that a Democratic Congress would refuse to finance an attack on Canada. Maybe but guess what: the nuclear weapons are already paid for!

And it won’t be just the foreigners who’ll suffer. Pity the city whose baseball team beats the Texas Rangers.

So please, for your own safety, vote Republican. You’ll be preventing terror. “

  1. jon says:

    Your email regarding this post was a worry at first.

    “Instead of my usual pedantics, today I have written a truly compelling reason to vote Republican.”

    I should have known tongue was firmly placed in cheek!

  2. Was I being satirical or prophetic?

    There is an argument to be made for keeping Caligula in a good mood.


  3. zalman says:

    True, we don’t need any horses appointed Senator (stops to think about makeup of current Senate and some frontrunning nominees….). Wait, on second thought…

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