Your RDA of Irony


“The war in Iraq has become a “cause celebre” for Islamic extremists.”

Noting the esprit de corps, the elan and the tres chic noms de guerre of the Islamic extremists, an American intelligence report gave a pessimistic appraisal of the situation in Iraq. The report discernably whimpered.”We are facing people honed on Proust, and hardened on Sartre. Even under extreme interrogation, all they are willing to discuss are the foibles and futility of personal relationships in Eric Rohmer films.”

On a rare encouraging note, the report believed that Osama bin Laden can be captured by tracing his subscription address on his New Yorkers.


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  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    Not to mention the unmistakable panache of the de reigeur weapon of choice: the I.E.D.! And, of course, the “jihadis” have raised the nom de guerre to a high art form, with most Arabic fighters maintaining lists of up to six dozen different monikers under which to fight l’imperialisme Americaine.

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