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Too Aryan Is Human

To his obvious discomfort and supposed surprise, Senator George Allen of old Virginie has conceded having a Jewish grandfather.  I suppose that you could mistake a tallith for a klan robe.

I would not suggest the existence of the Ku Klux Kohens but there were Jews in the Confederacy.  Its Secretary of State was Judah Benjamin.  That was a century before the other United States had Henry Kissinger.

So take comfort Senator Allen:  one can be Antebellum and have an Auntie Belle.


copyrighted 2006

  1. Bob Kincaid says:

    The question remains, however, whether Sen. Allen, son of Olde Cailforni-yay, has been demoted from Exalted Sasquatch to Noble Lumpkin in the local Klavern.

    That, and is he holding back on a really great kugel recipe?

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