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Sean the Terrific, Ivan the Terrible and Marie the Osmond

Posted in General on August 25th, 2010 by Eugene Finerman – 3 Comments

Let’s deal with the really important news today:

Happy Birthday Sean Connery!

He is 80–and still looks better than any man in a Judd Apatoff movie. (Yes, that isn’t saying much–and it is probably Anti-Semitic.)

Our class assignment: Name your favorite Sean Connery movies.

My favorite film that is actually good: “The Man Who Would Be King”
My favorite film that is rather embarrassing camp: “The Wind and The Lion”
My favorite James Bond movie: “From Russia With Love”

Now, it is your turn….

And we now resume our usual irrelevance:


Chilean miners told to keep slim to squeeze out

Relatives of 33 trapped miners wait for news outside the collapsed mine

Dr. Jaime Manalich said rescuers are applying a holistic plan to support the miners’ well-being during the months it may take to carve out the tunnel, including exercise and other activities to keep them from gaining weight.

Representatives of the Ruthless Gringo & Insatiable Mandarin Mine Consortium assured the public that they never intended to feed the miners.  “If they can’t buy food from our company store, they are not getting it anywhere.”  However, representatives from Jenny Craig have purchased product placement rights; the first miner to emerge from the cave-in will be rewarded by corporate spokesmannequin Marie Osmond with a dietetic brownie.

p.s.  Let’s not forget the historic significance of this day: