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Accusation du Jour

Posted in General on October 6th, 2008 by Eugene Finerman – Be the first to comment


Accusing his opponent of coddling terrorists, John McCain demanded that Barack Obama denounce the leader of a 19th century slave rebellion. “Why hasn’t Senator Obama disassociated himself from this extremist, murderer and labor organizer Nat Turner? Let me tell you about Nat Turner. He used a honest discussion on the minimal wage as an excuse to murder 60 men, women and children in Virginia. And is this how Obama intends to campaign in that state?”

Three days later, the reporters capable of arithmetic began questioning McCain’s allegation. The Nat Turner Rebellion had occurred in 1831, 130 years before Obama was born. The McCain campaign replied, “Obama obviously needs more than 130 years to denounce his terrorist association.”

Nat Turner’s Rebellion lasted two days. In its suppression and aftermath, more than 100 blacks were killed or executed, including Turner. McCain credited the verdicts to strict constructionist judges, the type he would appoint. “If they had been Obama’s liberal judges, Turner might still be alive.”

In her campaign, Governor Sarah Palin continued this particular attack; however, she kept referring to Obama’s ties to the terrorist Nat King Cole. The McCain campaign defended the discrepancy by noting the song “Mona Lisa” referred to a painting by a homosexual.