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Another Campaign

Posted in General on October 12th, 2013 by Eugene Finerman – 2 Comments
Now Jeopardy! is asking you to pick your Fan Favorite for the Nineties. For the 1790s I would pick Napoleon. But for the 1990s, please vote for Catherine Ramen.  Catherine is a friend, a wit in her own right and, of course, a Jeopardy champion.
WE can do it Catherine
This election continues until October 14th.  And once again you can vote each day at–haven’t you memorized this by now...



Registered Twitter users can vote for Catherine via simply by tweeting in the following format:
Catherine #JeopardyVote  (Remember to leave a space between Catherine and #)

p.s.  Does Catherine’s poster seem to have a familiar wit and style?  The credit belongs to Nadine Eastwood.  The gifted artist and teacher lent me her talent for my campaign.  In fact, I am just a figment of her imagination.