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Of Kabalas and Kings

Posted in General, On This Day on January 8th, 2011 by Eugene Finerman – 2 Comments

My synagogue will be very disappointed in what I have to say.  Kate Middleton, the fiancee of William Windsor, is not remotely Jewish.  Yes, her mother’s maiden name is Goldsmith–which seems a Jewish moniker as well as occupation.  Furthermore, with the very same name, there is a prominent (and frequently notorious) British family which definitely is Semitic.  Remember the international playboy Sir James Goldsmith; you probably know someone he slept with.  That Goldsmith family founded the University of London at a time when Oxford and Cambridge wouldn’t allow Jews to graduate.  (They could attend the colleges, however;  English Anti-Semitism can be very polite.)

However, Kate Middleton ain’t one of those Goldsmiths–who originally were the Goldschmidts.  No, her Goldsmiths seem to be parishioners all the way back to Stonehenge.

If it is any solace at my synagogue, Prince William may be 1/32nd Jewish.  There were rumors about Prince Albert, the consort of Queen Victoria.  He did seem unusually brunet and intelligent for a Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and his mother was said to be on very cordial terms with the Court financier.  Prince Philip did consent to genetic testing to help identify the remains of the Romanovs.  But I doubt that anyone in the Royal family will offer a swab sample to prove a relationship with Sacha Baron Cohen.

p.s.  Let’s not forget the historic significance of this day: