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Why Thomas Paine Needed an Agent

Posted in General, On This Day on January 10th, 2010 by Eugene Finerman – Be the first to comment

January 10, 1776:  Common Sense is published

The pamphlet was a best-seller, so you can easily imagine that Thomas Paine received a number of lucrative offers to dramatize his work.

Of course, everyone had an idea how to improve the original. David Garrick envisioned a theatrical epic, starting with the depiction of the Boston Tea Party. His version, however, had 200 ships, the naval bombardment of Boston and the subsequent destruction of the British navy.

Pete Beaumarchais wanted to change the title to “Common Senses“, as an indication of the sensual liberation of America. In this bedroom farce, the colonies would be depicted as a pubescent woman with a repressive father. Of course, the young woman’s tutor is handsome and French.

Mozart offered to write the opera if he could find a free week.

Although Thomas Paine was grateful for the free lunches, he declined the offers. He was hoping that Ben Franklin would invent movies.

Two shillings.