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Posted in General on July 21st, 2009 by Eugene Finerman – 1 Comment

Musing #1:  Have you seen General Electric’s new advertising campaign?  Its jet engine assembly workers are bursting into song.  No, they are not singing “Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime” or “I Got Plenty o’ Nuttin”.  (That would be the stockholders’ medley).  But why is GE even bothering to advertise?  Am I supposed to be inspired to run out and by a jet engine.  (For the price of one GE jet engine, I could buy a four-pack at Costco.)  So why is GE trying to cultivate a happy image? 

Probably because the impending headlines are anything but.  As I have learned from my experience in public relations, when a corporation begins promoting its code of ethics, you can be certain that the Chairman just testified to the Grand Jury and a plea agreement is in the works. 

Musing #2:  If you are not familiar with IMDB, you are missing the internet’s best source of trivia for films, TV and actors.  Do you want to know the name of Adolphe Menjou’s sauve villain in “Paths of Glory.”  That detail is awaiting you at IMDB.  If you are particularly morbid, after watching an old movie you can check IMDB to see if anyone in the cast is still alive.

After watching an enjoyable show on BBC-America, I looked up the cast.  According to IMDB, the leading lady had this memorable distinction:  she was named “the seventh best-looking woman in Wales for 2005“.  Is that supposed to be a compliment, because it could just as easily be a line in a suicide note.

So how does she look?  The face is pleasant but her teeth…well, she could use a tire chain for dental floss.   

p.s.  I am working on the historic significance of January 2nd, so I am either six months early or six months late.  In case you wanted to know the significance of this day: